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Ban on fracking for shale oil/gas anywhere in East Sussex

Lead petitioner : Andrew Durling

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Status: Awaiting submission


East Sussex County Council is requested to apply the precautionary principle and refuse to allow any attempt at hydraulic fracturing ('fracking') for hydrocarbons anywhere in East Sussex, on the grounds that the potential risks of environmental harm and potential risks to public health significantly outweigh any potential economic benefits arising from such extraction.

Background information

The evidence of environmental harm and damage to public health from hydraulic fracturing from hydrocarbons in places where it has occurred at scale, such as Canada, USA, and Australia, has accumulated to such an extent that it is incumbent upon East Sussex County Council to take account of such evidence and prevent fracking from occurring anywhere in East Sussex in the first place. UNEP has issued a global alert about the risks of fracking at:
and the EU has identified some of the high risks from fracking at: study.pdf

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