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Reduce speed limit to 40mph on the B2099. Save lives.

Lead petitioner : Susan Hutchings

Status: New > Draft > Rejected > Accepted > Collecting signatures > Awaiting submission > Submitted > Pending owner response > Closed > Withdrawn

Status: Awaiting submission


To reduce the speed limit to 40 mph from the national speed limit on the B2099( the road between Frant and Wadhurst) from the railway bridge to the Frant end of the road.

Background information

After 2 deaths and 40 accidents on this stretch of road over the past 10 years, Highways refuse to reduce the speed limit from 60 mph. These accidents impact on drivers, passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. There are no pavements on this strech of road.
There has been a recent survey on this stretch of road, which again refused to reduce the speed limit.
Typically cars before flipping, turn 360 degrees so that they are endangering everyone travelling up and down Wadhurst Road. Councillor Bob Tidy MBE, County Councillor for Wadhurst is prepared to support our petition to reduce the speed limit on this stretch of road. We intend to present it at the Committee meeting on 4th December, so we only have a week to get as many people to sign as possible.
Please add your signature to the petition and encourage anyone else you know who uses this road to sign too.

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