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introduce a reduced speed limit outside stafford and roselands

Lead petitioner : Caroline Tradewell

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Status: Awaiting submission


We urge the council to urgently install 15mph speed limits- either permanently, or for selected time periods covering school drop off and pick up times- along the section of Ringwood road, Eastbourne, between and adjacent to Stafford Junior School and Roselands Infant School, and the adjoining junctions.

Background information

During school drop off and pick up times (typically 8.15 - 9.00am and 2.45 - 3.30 pm) there are large numbers of children walking or scooting along the area, with many numbers crossing dangerous local junctions. The speed limit of 30mph is not appropriate during these times due to the large numbers of children crossing and the visibility at these junctions during busy times. Drivers do not routinely slow down to appropriate safe speeds for the circumstances, and there have been several near misses recently which highlight the danger of the situation. We are extremely concerned for the safety of the children and other pedestrians and road users in the area, and would urge the council to urgently consider installing 15mph speed limits around the schools.

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